Saturday, June 21, 2014

Banana Split Cupcakes

Speaking of banana deliciousness... I made these almost a year ago and was so wowed by them that I swore (swore!) that I'd share them with you all. Better late than never right? They use the same banana cake recipe as the girls' birthday cake resulting in ~50 cupcakes if memory serves. Then you whip up a batch of chocolate ganache (in my case I made double the amount), core the cupcakes (if you have room in your kitchen I highly recommend this gadget), fill with fudgy goodness, dollop with sweetened whipped cream, sprinkle with slivered almonds and plop a maraschino cherry on each of those bad boys. Whew!

I rarely go to town on the baked goodies I make - I'm always making them for someone else and I don't want to shortchange. Welp, a lot of people were shortchanged with these tasties: I made a couple of meals out of them!

The sweetened whipped cream was the only thing I guessed at - 2 pints of whipping cream beaten until stiff peaks form, adding powdered sugar to taste. I recommend erring on the less-sweet side for these so the sugar doesn't overwhelm the subtlety of the cake and ganache. Hard to go wrong though!

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Lindsay said...

Yummy, these look so delicious!