Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

My brother is very much a chocoholic like me - it runs in the family. So when he gets on a plane to fly 3,000 miles to spend his hard-earned spring break with me, what do I do?

I feed him, of course!

I teased him lots beforehand though. Every recipe I saw that looked even slightly tempting to me, I emailed to him with "Should I make you this?" ... "Or how about this?" ... "Ooh, we might be able to make this too!" I think he didn't eat at all the week before in preparation.

Out of the flood of goodies though, this one caught his eye. It's a chocolate-crusted cheesecake with a semi-sweet mousse layer topped with bittersweet ganache. It's rich enough that a single slice will satisfy. And after two days, it's now half gone.

Well, ok, I cheat: we took part of it to a party. But it is tasty.

Recipe is compliments of Mangio da Sola - the only adjustments I made were to omit the coffee and alcohol. I won't reiterate it here as you really should visit her site, if just for the pictures. Nom nom nom.