Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fondant Rose

I had some extra fondant so I figured I'd play around with it. Normally, when coloring fondant you stick it in a food processor and blend it until the color is even all the way through. Since I was testing a decoration though, I used an old paintbrush (this was not for eating!) The idea is nifty, but fondant is thirsty stuff and by the time I got it to the color I wanted, it was starting to fall apart from so much liquid added. Perhaps next time I'll try letting the fondant dry some to develop a crust before "painting" it.

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do you make your own fondant? or buy it premade and then add your coloring? If you do make it, I would be interested in having you post your recipe and instructions for making it. I love how it looks but I have been told by many that its hard to make and even harder to work with?